Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the same housekeepers be assigned at my home be the same each time?

Yes, we will assign a housekeeper to be attached to your house. In the event of  unforeseen circumstances where assigned cleaning agent is unable to turn up for work (e.g. MC), we will contact you in advance to seek your approval to postpone the cleaning engagement to another day or to assign another housekeeper to do the house keeping.

What happens if my items are damaged/lost?

To prevent any misunderstanding, we urge our clients to safekeep their valuables. In the event where offence is committed, we seek your understanding to inform us before reporting to the relevant authorities. We promise to render our assistance and fully co-operate in any way possible.

Do you provide cleaning agent and tools?

Cleaning chemicals and equipment should be provided by clients themselves. This is to ensure equipment and cleaning agents are of our clients preferred choice of scent and to prevent any form of allergy. We value our clients and ensure such fine details are taken care of.

When are operational peak periods?

  1. Non-peak period are weekdays morning (Between 7.30am till 1.00pm)

  2. Peak period are weekdays evening (after 5pm), weekends, and public holidays.

  3. Super peak period are festive season such as Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning season, Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Christmas, and New Year period.

Are there minimum service hours per session?

Yes. The minimum duration of cleaning is 3 hours for both recurring sessions and one-time cleaning. This is to allow sufficient time for our cleaners to complete most of the basic tasks as promised. If this does not meet your requirements, please contact us via email at and we'll see what we can do.

Is there any contract for recurring booking?

No. There will not be any contract for recurring booking, but we will require customers to commit to a minimum 1 month of cleaning service. 

What is your cancellation policy?

For cancellation of our cleaning service, we require at least 1 month of advance notice. 

Am I able to customize my cleaning packages instead of standard assigned?

Yes. We value our clients’ preferences. In the event additional services or any customization is needed, we are open to negotiation to cater to your needs. We are unable to assure all request are available. We emphasize that we will try our best in catering to your requirements.

How are the charges per hour basis?

This will much depend on the type of period, the season, and the time of engagement. We do have a standard price for our services. We urge our clients to contact us to get a quote according to their needs for the services they need. This would ensure a fair way of understanding your needs before we render our services to you.

Are there agent fees?

We do not charge agent fees, Our housekeepers are under our company. This is to ensure that we can control the quality of our housekeepers to provide you with good and reliable services.

What are the other hidden fees for engaging your housekeepers?

In brief, we have our basic charges, weekend surcharge, peak period charges, ad-hoc charges, and super peak period charges.


a. Basic charges are the published rates on our website.

b. Weekend surcharges are at a flat rate of $8 per session.

c. Ad-hoc charges will be charged at 30% on top of all prevailing charges (ie: basic charge + transport charge + peak period charge*)

d. Super peak period charges will be published in our website prior to the seasonal engagement. In the event that rates are not published, we will inform our clients who needs our housekeepers during the super peak period. 

How is the payment made?

Payment could be made through secure online transfer. Alternatively, we can arrange our sales representative to collect on a periodic basis. We hope that the latter method would allow us to interact with you to get valuable feedback periodically to improve on our services rendered.

How do I contact you should I have any other enquiries?

We encourage our clients to contact us via email so that there is a chain of “black and white” to protect your interest. Please feel free to contact your assigned sales representatives, or alternatively, please send in to